Enough Kingdom-building, Let's Kill Shit

After a year of everyone building structures, keeping the peace, and getting married* our intrepid adventurers are bored out of their skulls. Baron Melvin seeks out some Baronial bonding with Maegar Varn, the leader of Varnhold, but things seem to be amiss there. Melvin offers to help with their centaur problem but gets no response.

Meanwhile, civil war rages in Restov. Looks like Varnhold and Miravanot are on their own.

A fellow named Edrist Hanvaki (sp? My handwriting is terrible) has recently moved to Stagfall from Varnhold and his brother comes to visit him every month… until now. He asks Zot to find his brother so Zot sends a few of his men and a few of the kobolds out along the main road to look for the missing brother. Things take a turn for the spooky (or murdery) when the party sent out from Stagfall never returns.

Zot, Melvin, Ravena, and Miracelli decide to take matters into their own hands and set out for Varnhold. The road to Varnhold winds through a narrow mountain pass, the Tors of Levine. There is a tower in the pass, which Miracelli licks(despite the fact that she KNOWS SHE’S NOT SUPPOSED TO LICK THINGS). The tower is completely abandoned, so she calls the rest of the crew up to join her at the top.

The view from the tower is stunning… and very, very wrong. No creatures travel the road. No fires burn in the city of Varnhold, visible far below. The markets are empty, and generally the whole place has been Roanoaked.

The adventurers go ahead, despite (or because of) the fact that something creepy is afoot. They enter a village, then enter a house at random. A fire on the hearth had burned down to ash, leaving the pot of stew that sat upon it rotting. In all ways the house looks like someone could come back to it at any second, but It seems to be 2 or 3 weeks since another human (or elf or gnome or whatever) was in each structure.

The keener eared members of the group hear a massive, cranky boar in a pen nearby. The pen is filled with the carcassas of lesser pigs, which the boar has cannibalized. Zot tries to ask the boar where everyone went, which results (as these things often do) with Zot looking DELICIOUS. After much stabbing (on the boars part and our heroes’) the boar is vanquished and the gang decides to cross the shallow river that runs through the town. A Chuul (horrible lobster-man) bursts out of the water and grabs onto Melvin. He’s 42 feet from the shore in either direction, grappled, being chomped on, maybe gonna drown, and just when things look like they couldn’t get any worse….

…my notes end abruptly! It says 29 Magic Missiles left. That’s it. That’s the last line. I have no idea what happened with the Chuul, so I’m going to assume that we punched it’s face so hard that it exploded into four servings of perfectly cooked lobster thermidor with hero points for desert. Yum, thanks nice GM!

*Percentage of adventurers actually married may vary.



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