Game... 20-21Something? Or A Giant Turtle and a Werewolf.

“Look, I’m not against the brothel,” Ravena said, rising to lean across the table in the main room of the castle where the kingdom’s leaders were gathered.
“Well that’s weird,” Miracelli replied, standing to challenge her from across the oaken expanse, “Because you keep voting against it.”
“I only vote against it,”Ravena answered, “Because you want it to be a kobold brothel.”
“What?” Chief Sootscale glared, banging his small, three-fingered fist on the table, “You say kobold not pretty? We pretty!”
“Yes, yes, you’re pretty, I just would hate to see your women cheapened so.” Ravena replied diplomatically.
“We need diverse women- not just kobolds- for the brothel.” Melvin suggested.
Jhod furrowed his brow. “I feel that this is nothing we should encourage.”
“Aw, Jhod, you’re just being short-sighted.” Miracelli replied. “Think of the gold!”
“Think of the girls.” Jhod replied.
“I am!” Miracelli exclaimed.
“Well it’s clear we’re not getting anywhere on this subject.” Baron Melvin interceded. “Let’s call it a night, relax, and talk about more annexation tomorrow.”
“Or we could do something worthwhile.” Zot suggested.
“Are you suggesting that the roads, farms, houses and businesses we’ve built aren’t worthwhile?” Oleg asked.
“They are, but c’mon, we all know we’re bored. Let’s go do something! Take the giant turtle problem.”
“The giant turtle problem?” Ravena asked dubiously.
“Haven’t you seen the signs?” Miracelli asked. “Geez, you spend a lot of time in your room.”
“I have magical stuff to do.” Ravena replied as she sat back down. ”I had heard rumors of a huge worg and a hodag- I’m not completely out of the loop. By the by, Bill wants us to find some trollblood.”
“My horse wants you to find some trollblood?” Melvin raised an eyebrow.
“No, Bill Mansby, the alchemist. See,” Ravena said pointedly, “I am paying attention to the affairs of the kingdom.”
“Especially the affairs at the shrine?” Miracelli teased.
“Now, now, milady,” Jhod replied, “Ravena’s visits are always welcome.”
“Perhaps her jaunts out of town have made her miss the rumors of the turtle problem.” Melvin replied.
“Oh, you only know the affairs of town because you’ve been frequenting the makeshift inn’s bar!” Ravena replied, pausing before observing that the topic of conversation had turned to girls again.
“Are women not an integral part of our city?” Baron Melvin asked.
“They are.” Miracelli replied. “In fact, we’re probably the most important part of the city. But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t funny when you gave the exotic woman a barbarian bracelet when she asked for an elven one.”
“They’re similar!” Melvin defended himself. “But how did you see that?”
“I’m good at my job.” Miracelli replied.
“And you smell gold exchanging hands from a mile away!”
“This is true.” Miracelli shrugged. “And what of it? Speak of which, I heard her telling you that there are elven ruins to the west. Do you think there might be treasure? That would be great!”
“I don’t know, but I suppose if we go I owe Lily a bracelet.” Melvin replied.
“Well that might be a matter for another day,” Zot suggested. “Tomorrow, let’s take out this giant turtle.”
The following day a fisherman ferried our heroes across the lake to his secret fishing hole. It looks more like a river than a lake, but other than that it’s very nice.
Zot takes off his armor and jumps deliciously into the water with just his sword and a rope.
A huge snapping turtle surfaces and noms on the gnome. The pond turns orange with gnome blood.
“Stop looking so delicious!” Ravena shouts from the shore.
“But I’m just so lean and meaty!” Zot shouts back.
Melvin is able to pull Zot out by the rope, but not before Miracelli is soundly disgusted by the amount of delicious gnome blood everywhere. She comes to, however, and delivers the final blows to the bastard turtle.
Zot insists on making turtle intestine jerky. As he does so he finds a lump in the turtle’s innards. Cutting it out he discovers a shiny gem, which excites Miracelli. Ravena immediately assesses that it’s a magical gem that calls forth a water elemental when crushed.
The group camps by the fishing hole overnight and is ferried back to town in the morning.
Because of the size of the group Arvin, the fisherman, has to make two trips. He delivers Zot to the shore first, where the gnome is immediately met by frantic members of his guard.
“Zot, sir!” One salutes breathlessly, “We have a situation on our hands.”
“What kind of situation? Spit it out.”
“A young maid was killed- her name was Saki- and so was a goatherd and some of his flock.”
“What could have done this?”
“We don’t know, it looks like a wolf.”
“No,” contradicts one of the other guards, “Not like any wolf I’ve ever seen.”
“He’s right,” Another guard interjects, “What was killed wasn’t eaten. It’s like it was killed just for the sake of killing.”
When the rest of the group have arrived on the shore Zot tells them the tale and suggests that they go to the cemetery to see the bodies being prepared for burial. Indeed, Sari and the goatherd look as though they’ve been torn apart by wolves.
“To the farm.” Baron Melvin proposes. “We’ll get to the bottom of this.”
As they crest a hill looking out on the plains north of town they see carrion birds circling over the farm. Zot’s keen tracking sense picks up on a set of large wolf-prints leading off to the east. He and Pilkies bolt ahead of their companions, hot on the trail of what is probably either a worg or dire wolf. They arrive at the spot where the wolf appears to have spent the night but are confounded to find bare human footprints fresh in the mud leading away from the circle of matted grass.
Severina rears and shies as they get close to the spot where Zot stands.
“Uh-oh,” Ravena says as she dismounts and examines the tracks, “This beyond magical. We’re not looking at a dire-wolf or even a worg. We’re looking at a werewolf.”
“Great.” Zot says sarcastically. “Well, time to go mace some silver bullets.”
“Good idea.” Melvin replies, “I’ll talk to the alchemist to see if he has a cure for werewolves laying around.”
“I’ll check with the Spyders. See if anyone’s been acting odd.” Miracelli announced.
“I’ll go with Melvin.” Ravena suggests as she mounts.
With that the foursome split up to be more effective.
At the herbalist’s shop Melvin and Ravena encounter Bill Mansby, who is not a horse but does look kind of horsey. He chews a lot of a mouth numbing herb, which causes his lips to fly around aimlessly when he talks.
Bill does indeed have a cure for lycanthropy, which he produces in a small vial from a dusty shelf.
“Wolfsbane,” Bill says, “That’s what makes it work. Rare stuff too. Expensive.”
“I see where you’re going with this.” Baron Melvin replies.
“Yeah. I want to give it to you, but a man’s gotta make a living here. I’m afraid it’ll be 500 gold.”
“Okay.” Melvin nods, “I can respect that. But how about I give you 300 gold now and then pay the difference in herbs later? How does that sound?”
“I dunno…” Bill says thoughtfully. “I think 500 gold is fair.”
“I understand.” Melvin replies, then makes his offer again.
“Well, there is one thing.” Bill suggests. “I’ll accept your terms if you can get me some black rattlecap mushrooms. They tend to grow around mud pits.”
“That’s reasonable.” Melvin assents, not realizing how difficult those mushrooms will be to procure.
Meanwhile, Miracelli checks in with her spyders.
One immediately comes forward, telling her that “neither victim had any enemies.”
“Um, I that’s not what I asked.” She replied tersely.
“I have something more useful”, one of them suggests. “There’s a man named Kundal who’s been acting odd. He spends most of his time drinking in the makeshift inn. He’s a tribesman from the north.”
“Excellent,” Miracelli rubs her hands together gleefully, “If you find him, follow him- stealthy-like.”
“Is there any other way to follow a person?” The spyder asks as she disappears out a window.
At this point Chief Sootscale reports to Melvin that his patrols have spotted a massive Worg to the southeast. Melvin tells them to double their patrols, just in case.
Meanwhile, Zot continues to craft silver bullets and Miracelli and Ravena meet up to stake out the inn.
Rafi, the innkeeper, says that Kundal doesn’t talk much and mainly keeps to himself.
Baron Melvin is totally missing out. While he’s busy going around instituting a curfew a bard named Gwendolyn is performing in the inn and she’s totally hot.
Miracelli decides to break into Kundals’ room. Ravena barely has time to survey the hall and tell her it’s a bad idea before the lock gives way and Miracelli waves the other half-elf into the room. A quick investigation reveals a gold earring with a chunk of ear still attached to it. They assume it belonged to Siri.
As night descends on the empty streets of Stagfall Miracelli and Zot ascend to the rooftops, leaving Melvin and Ravena on the ground below.
They spot the werewolf in a nearby alleyway, but the creature is too quick for them. It climbs to the wall next to Miracelli and hits her with his massive great ax.
Melvin decides that he’s too badass to stand by and let this happen, so he spurs Bill (the horse) into a charge then leaps at just the right moment to make a 20 foot jump and grab onto the werewolf. The two of them tumble off the roof.
The werewolf bites Melvin as they fall, but fortunately doesn’t pierce the armor.
The werewolf heals himself but Zot shoots it in the leg. The battle is intense, but Zot’s bullets wound and finally Ravena’s burning hands spell burns away his werewolf form, leaving a naked barbarian. Melvin pours Bill (the alchemist)‘s potion down the man’s throat before they take him and lock him up in the castle.



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