Game 3

Back at Oleg’s, Kesten Garess and a small company of his men have arrived to protect Oleg’s Post. Kesten orders two of his men to escort the two prisoners back to Restov to have them tried and imprisoned.

The group then begins to fulfill the commands of their charter by heading south to being charting the Stolen Lands. Their secondary goal is to find the tree that the mites live in, hopefully finding Svetlana’s wedding ring. On the way down south, they slay a giant trapdoor spider, Ravena falls down the spider’s lair and knocks herself out, Mel Vin’s keen eye spots some buried treasure (wand of burning hands, magic scrolls), and a run down bridge is discovered crossing the Shrike River. When camping for the night, a large pack of wolves attacks the group and almost manages to kill Ravena’s mount.



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