Game 17, Or the Kingdom Begins

Our heroes have experienced another pile of exciting experiences! Back in Restov Ioseph gave them 5,000 gold (not each- to split evenly among them, MIRACELLI). He also gives them the command to build a kingdom and money and settlers for building said kingdom. Aforementioned settlers are to be referred to as such in conversations with them, though the group likes calling them minions when they’re not around.

Flush with cash burning a hole in their respective pockets our heroes hit town to buy some awesome gear. Unfortunately, all the awesome gear is out of their price range and that’s just the awesome gear they can see. A shopkeeper won’t even let them into the back of his store on grounds of “seriously? No way can you afford this shit.”

That night the foursome finds a quiet booth in the corner of a local pub and settle in for some serious negotiations.

“Well, guys,” Melvin starts off, “What are we going to call this place?”
“MikMiksomethingorother!” Miricelli exclaims
“I dunno,” Ravena replies, suspiciously eying her ale. “Will settlers want to live in a place named after a kobold? Also, this beer is nowhere near as good as Svetlanas”
Skitter continued to drink from the rim, undeterred.
“Well not only that,” Zot replied, “But where are we going to put the capital. I think we should put it centrally in the part of the Stolen Lands that we’ve already explored.”
“Eh, I think it would be more convenient north of that.” Ravena weighed in.
“Actually,” Melvin said, unfurling the map he had been carrying with him, “Hear me out on this. The Stag Lord’s old fort would be perfect.”
“Yeah. People love living around zombies.” Ravena replied, voice dripping sarcasm.
“Actually, the zombies seem to be a finite resource,” Miricelli interjected. “We kill them all and we’ll be good.”
“Also,” Melvin continued, “Though the fort is pretty run down there are sound parts of the structure and the rest can be salvaged for building materials. That should cut the cost of building a castle in half. Besides, it’s close to a major body of water which is good for defense and trade. “
“You know, Mel,” Ravena conceded, “I thought that was a stupid idea, but I’m convinced. Does everyone else agree?”
The group toasted to the good idea and moved onto the next issue.
“Well what do we call this city?” Miricelli asked.
Ideas ranging from combinations of our names, things involving MikMik, and It’s My City Bitch are floated. In the end Zot suggests “Stagfall” which seems like a pretty good idea, though he’s willing to compromise with “Stagfall Bitch”.

Finally, the group agrees to discuss the matter further later.

Meanwhile, Melvin’s animal training skills have increased. He trains Delilah and Severina of the Nightfall not to fear combat.

With their business in Restov finished the group travels back to what are, for the time being, the Stolen Lands. They are met with the usual warmth and enthusiasm at Oleg’s trading post. There the ask Oleg and Svetlana to take a role in the kingdom’s government. Oleg, with his smart money sense, agrees to be treasurer while Svetlana, with the solid head she has on her shoulders, agrees to be councilor.

Much to his delight, Kestin’s interminable boredom is broken by the proposal that he become the kingdom’s new General.

After their time at Oleg’s they head south to recruit Chief Stootscale to be the Marshall. He and his kobolds will patrol the woods, maintaining order and generally being awesome little lizard men.

Speak of awesome little lizard men, Gar Gar now has nun-chucks.

After that they head to the temple of Aristil to meet up with Jhod and Akiros. Akiros makes Ravena forget how words work. Meanwhile, the rest discuss with Jhod the possibility of becoming the kingdom’s high priest. He is initially hesitant, but with Akiros around to watch the temple he says he feels comfortable leaving his shrine to help the city now and again. Akiros accepts a heavier burden- that of the royal executioner. It’s a messy job but someone’s gotta do it.

With their ministers secured, our heroes head to their soon-to-be castle to deal with the zombie problem. The gnarly piles of bones are dispatched easily, giving the group a chance to explore around the area of their new home.

Along the edge of the lake they encounter a hut with creepy symbols around it. A crow tells them to bugger off but they persist. Finally they see the old BelleDame- a creepy witch about whom bedtime stories are told to simultaneously warn and traumatize impressionable children. She tells them repeatedly to go away.

“Okay,” Melvin replies, “Just introducing ourselves. If you ever need a cup of sugar or anything, we’re over that way.”

After that they see some large wolf prints and what seems to be a ruined fort on an island in the lake. They also encounter the Gutrend river. It’s sparkling clear, slow, 450 ft across and very deep.

Town building begins. The castle is completed first, followed by a number of houses and a road. Two months pass. The Archer Feast is a joyous success, lifting the spirits of the populace, but the city is hemorrhaging money. Ravena decides that her role as diplomat is less important than the money they could gain from her becoming the city’s magister and crafting high-end items.

Things are peaceful in the city, but one night there is a reminder that the threat of bandits has not vanished. A couple of guys with Stag Lord medallions are spotted within the city. They steal 3 build points. Bastards.



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