Game of Oct. 30, 2012

Note: I didn’t bother making this more coherent or well-written- what follows is just a word-for-word transcription of my handwritten notes.

We camp.
There are fires in the lizard camp but nothing else.
The island is in the middle of the Murqe River.
Bordered on each side by swampy banks that effectively expand the width of the river.
We decide to swim across and then sneak in.
Everyone but Bill and Melvin struggles to make the swim. Ravena is like, “Screw this, I’m flying.” Miracelli starts to drown. Melvin throws her a rope.
We hear a boy screaming on the other side of the fence. He screams “No, don’t put me near the crocodiles again!”
Ravena flys over the wall and loops a rope up. Everyone goes over. Melvin is not very stealthy. Ravena, Miracelli and Zot head toward the northern hut where the boy’s screams are coming from.
A lizard person spots us. He shouts in Draconic, “Who are you?” Then tucks into his hut and shouts, “Arm up, men!”
Ravena suddenly feels like she’s being stung and bitten all over. She pulls it together well enough to try to negotiate for the boy’s release in Draconic. She is told that the boy belongs to Stisshak now.
Stisshak is one of their revered ancestors. They practice ancestor worship.
Ravena tries to beg them to let the boy go for his family and people’s sake. However, she is still swatting at herself and cursing in Elven. The lizards misinterpret that as “Fuck you” in Draconic.
The lizards brandish their weapons.
Miracelli attacks with her crossbow, Zot shoots, Melvin come charging out of where he’s been hiding. He hits the lizard leader and kills it.
The other three lizard people surround Melvin and attack but hie’s awesome.
s where we left off.



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