The end to the prior post because I didn't preview before posting.

Something went wrong with the last post and part of it was missing when posted. Please read that first then this one since I can’t seem to edit posts after the fact.

Anyway, we fight for a few more pages, some of the lizards seem to realize that their ancestors wouldn’t make them torture the boy, Melvin kills their king, Vesket, and everything seems cool until we hear a deep laughter from within a hut. It emerges and IT’S A FUCKING WILL O’ WISP OH NO WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE but instead of being a floating human skull it’s a floating lizard skull. He says, “Ah, that fear was delicious.”
Ravena shouts to the lizards that the wisp is a monster and not a revered ancestor, but the wisp shouts, “The Witch lies! She’s trying to mislead you!”
Ravena translates some good stuff Melvin says about their ancestors being noble and not like that and the Lizards seem to agree.

And that’s where we really left off.



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