The First Full Year in Stagfall Draws to a Close

It was Abadius of 4712, and Baron Melvin was growing restless. A large map of the Stolen Lands was unfurled on the table in front of him, its unexplored parts taunting him. He knew that Zot, Ravena, and Miracelli felt the same way, but he also knew that their new job as leaders of Stagfall kept them busy.
As he was lost in thought a small but forceful knock came at the door.
“Come in!” He shouted, turning to greet Chief Sootscale as he entered.
“Baron Melvin!” The kobold exclaimed, making a hasty bow, “I have news!”
“And that is?”
“A proposal. My patrols, you see, we found another tribe!”
“Another tribe of kobolds? Within our lands?” Melvin asked with a cocked eyebrow.
“Yes sir! It is true! They’re the Browntooth kobolds,” Chief Sootscale said, shifting excitedly from one webbed foot to the other. “But we made truce! Like remember how you made truce with us? We made truce. They say they serve Baron Melvin like we do if you let them!”
After a moment’s thought Melvin nodded in assent. The Browntooth kobolds would be added to the kingdom’s defenses.
Time proved that the decision had been wise. The expanded kobold forces were a boon to the kingdom. When the leaders met a few weeks later it was inarguable that the forests were more secure. That, however, was not what had Miracelli giggling all through the meeting. Plans were made to annex the gold mine the original foursome had found while questing nearly a year prior.
Later, when the kingdom appears to be making no money Oleg becomes suspicious, but Miracelli enthusiastically investigates herself, ensuring that she is not the reason.
Finally, the month of Sarenith comes and with it the first year of Stagfall draws to a close. On the 10th the Day of Burning Blades comes. The priestesses of Sarenrae dance in their revealing outfits, showing a pleasant amount of side-boob and delighting Baron Melvin.



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