Game 4

The party continues to explore the lands. For four days, it’s nothing but wide open plains. The group decides to circle back to Oleg’s post to restock and visit Bokken’s hut. On the way, they meet a hunter named Jordan Garesh. An experienced hunter, he marks the location of the Old Sycamore on the group’s map and warns them that mites can be pretty troublesome.

The party meets crazy old Bokken. Zot bargains for a live chicken and Meracelli is mistaken for some woman named Stella. Potions are bought, gold is stolen, and Zot promises to bring some fangberries back for Bokken.

The party then gets back to Oleg’s. There, Kesten rewards the group with money for lowering the bandit menace and gives them a new order – slay the Stag Lord to secure the lands for settlement. Kesten also asks the group to try and find an individual named Falgrim Sneeg and bring him back alive.

A new individual is staying at Oleg’s. Named Jhod Kavken, he is a ex-communicated priest of Erastil. He talks to Mel Vin, a follower of Erastil, and implores him to find a ruined temple of Erastil guarded by a giant bear.

There are also some bills posted on the walls of Oleg’s. The Swordlords want the kobold menace dealt with, Jordan Garesh is in search of the head of a giant boar named Tuskgutter to make head cheese with, and an associate of Oleg wants a Tatzlwyrm head.

The group then decides to finally fulfill Svetlana’s request and they head into the Narlmarches to pick some moon radishes. There, they discover that the kobolds are still there. They have practically emptied the field, but they seem to have one bag left and they are all apparently napping. The group takes them by surprise, easily dispatching all them and then taking their radishes.

The group then begins to suspect they’ve attracted the attention of some mischievous fey creatures. The creatures have been dubbed Poop Fairies as Zot had discovered some poop on his saddle. Later, when everyone woke up – little soot mustaches and horns had been drawn on everyone save for Ravena, who was busy communicating with her familiar. Everyone gets back to Oleg’s and they all enjoy a delicious moon radish chili.

It has been about 2 weeks in game time since the adventure started.

Game 3

Back at Oleg’s, Kesten Garess and a small company of his men have arrived to protect Oleg’s Post. Kesten orders two of his men to escort the two prisoners back to Restov to have them tried and imprisoned.

The group then begins to fulfill the commands of their charter by heading south to being charting the Stolen Lands. Their secondary goal is to find the tree that the mites live in, hopefully finding Svetlana’s wedding ring. On the way down south, they slay a giant trapdoor spider, Ravena falls down the spider’s lair and knocks herself out, Mel Vin’s keen eye spots some buried treasure (wand of burning hands, magic scrolls), and a run down bridge is discovered crossing the Shrike River. When camping for the night, a large pack of wolves attacks the group and almost manages to kill Ravena’s mount.

Game 2

The captured bandit points you to a bandit camp being lead by Kressle near the Thorn River. Svetlana asks you to keep an eye out of moon radishes. Oleg asks you to return Svetlana’s wedding ring.

The bandits are eliminated and a prisoner is kept as a prisoner. The prisoner tells of the Stag Lord, a leader among the bandits. His fortress is way to the south. He also mentions that a group of mites also attacked the bandit camp recently, and the mites made off with some of the bandit’s loot – possibly the wedding ring. The party heads back to Oleg’s but Zot investigates and manages to find radishes, but they are guarded by a band of kobolds.

Game 1

Arrived at Oleg’s Trading Post. Everyone meets Oleg Leveton and Svetlana Leveton. Asked by Oleg to help defend the post from a group of bandits. The next morning, the bandits show up as expected and are ambushed by the party. All of the bandits are slayed as they try to escape except for one. She is stabilized by Ravena’s magic and kept alive for interrogation.


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