Game 1

Arrived at Oleg’s Trading Post. Everyone meets Oleg Leveton and Svetlana Leveton. Asked by Oleg to help defend the post from a group of bandits. The next morning, the bandits show up as expected and are ambushed by the party. All of the bandits are slayed as they try to escape except for one. She is stabilized by Ravena’s magic and kept alive for interrogation.

Game 2

The captured bandit points you to a bandit camp being lead by Kressle near the Thorn River. Svetlana asks you to keep an eye out of moon radishes. Oleg asks you to return Svetlana’s wedding ring.

The bandits are eliminated and a prisoner is kept as a prisoner. The prisoner tells of the Stag Lord, a leader among the bandits. His fortress is way to the south. He also mentions that a group of mites also attacked the bandit camp recently, and the mites made off with some of the bandit’s loot – possibly the wedding ring. The party heads back to Oleg’s but Zot investigates and manages to find radishes, but they are guarded by a band of kobolds.

Game 3

Back at Oleg’s, Kesten Garess and a small company of his men have arrived to protect Oleg’s Post. Kesten orders two of his men to escort the two prisoners back to Restov to have them tried and imprisoned.

The group then begins to fulfill the commands of their charter by heading south to being charting the Stolen Lands. Their secondary goal is to find the tree that the mites live in, hopefully finding Svetlana’s wedding ring. On the way down south, they slay a giant trapdoor spider, Ravena falls down the spider’s lair and knocks herself out, Mel Vin’s keen eye spots some buried treasure (wand of burning hands, magic scrolls), and a run down bridge is discovered crossing the Shrike River. When camping for the night, a large pack of wolves attacks the group and almost manages to kill Ravena’s mount.

Game 4

The party continues to explore the lands. For four days, it’s nothing but wide open plains. The group decides to circle back to Oleg’s post to restock and visit Bokken’s hut. On the way, they meet a hunter named Jordan Garesh. An experienced hunter, he marks the location of the Old Sycamore on the group’s map and warns them that mites can be pretty troublesome.

The party meets crazy old Bokken. Zot bargains for a live chicken and Meracelli is mistaken for some woman named Stella. Potions are bought, gold is stolen, and Zot promises to bring some fangberries back for Bokken.

The party then gets back to Oleg’s. There, Kesten rewards the group with money for lowering the bandit menace and gives them a new order – slay the Stag Lord to secure the lands for settlement. Kesten also asks the group to try and find an individual named Falgrim Sneeg and bring him back alive.

A new individual is staying at Oleg’s. Named Jhod Kavken, he is a ex-communicated priest of Erastil. He talks to Mel Vin, a follower of Erastil, and implores him to find a ruined temple of Erastil guarded by a giant bear.

There are also some bills posted on the walls of Oleg’s. The Swordlords want the kobold menace dealt with, Jordan Garesh is in search of the head of a giant boar named Tuskgutter to make head cheese with, and an associate of Oleg wants a Tatzlwyrm head.

The group then decides to finally fulfill Svetlana’s request and they head into the Narlmarches to pick some moon radishes. There, they discover that the kobolds are still there. They have practically emptied the field, but they seem to have one bag left and they are all apparently napping. The group takes them by surprise, easily dispatching all them and then taking their radishes.

The group then begins to suspect they’ve attracted the attention of some mischievous fey creatures. The creatures have been dubbed Poop Fairies as Zot had discovered some poop on his saddle. Later, when everyone woke up – little soot mustaches and horns had been drawn on everyone save for Ravena, who was busy communicating with her familiar. Everyone gets back to Oleg’s and they all enjoy a delicious moon radish chili.

It has been about 2 weeks in game time since the adventure started.

Game 5

Dawn finds our adventurers awakening in the comfort of Oleg and Svetlana’s inn. The smell of steak and eggs fills the courtyard and everyone eats heartily. As the day’s journey will lead them to the mite’s tree, Oleg offers Melvin some sunrods.

The party travels south, plowing ahead rather than mapping the surrounding lands. As dusk falls they see the massive old sycamore in the distance. They agree to rest for the night and Melvin digs a small pit for the campfire to ensure they go unnoticed by the tree’s inhabitants. Though Melivin is cautious with the fire, someone… or something… else is not. He awakes in the night, screaming at an ember which has somehow found its way under his sleeping bag. This happens again, and though his companions guess that it might have been caused by what they have come to call “poo fairies” nothing is certain. Zot leaves out a bit of silver in hopes of pacifying the creatures only to be awakened by “Ravena” demanding that he put out more money.

Despite his disturbed sleep Melvin wakes up ready to fight. Miracelli decides to sneak up on the tree, at which point the rest of the group realizes she has a cute butt. She sees bodies but much to her dismay they’ve already been stripped, so she gestures to everyone to come closer. They find the entrance to the tree and a branching hallway within. She tries to sneak up on a pair of mites who are playing jacks- if jacks were caltrops and hands were mouths. The group defeats this pair and Miracelli scouts out the rest of the chamber. They then go the other direction in the entry hallway and find a room occupied by one mite and his three pet centipedes, Sparkles, Sparkles II, and Sparkles III.

They return to the first room and descend the 30 foot shaft in the corner, though Ravena has a great deal of trouble with that. In the room below they battle a group of mites who seem to be torturing some kobolds. After the mites are vanquished Melvin and Ravena nurse the sole surviving kobold back to health. The kobold, Mikmik, tells them that he and the other kobold warriors attacked the tree in hopes of regaining their stolen goods, chief among those a statue honoring their god. Zot remembers seeing a similar statue in another chamber and the adventurers decide to help Mikmik reclaim his deity and, perhaps, win his people’s allegiance and treasure in the process.

Game 6
according to Miracelli

The adventurers continued their adventurous adventure in the mite’s tree. They entered the room with some boss mite and a giant gross tick. Good thing it wasn’t carrying Lyme disease. Mites in the other room came to join the fight when they heard the commotion. The party killed the tick, but Melvin negotiated a truce with the mites, and the fighting stopped…briefly. Miracelli, responsible as always, decided to check out the treasure on the table along with Zot. The mites could not be trusted. They called up their giant centipede Deathgurgle. It quickly became clear to the always brilliant Miracelli that this was a fight they could not win in their current condition, and she reluctantly called for retreat. She grabbed the treasure and the Sharptooth statue and ran for it. Some of her teammates thought she was a coward and was abandoning them. They’re silly. They had to run in order to live. After escaping, the brave adventurers decided to go with Mikmik the kobold back to the kobold town in order to make peace with the kobolds. Kobolds. On the way, Miracelli decided to count the treasure. Zot wanted to help. Miracelli resented the assumption that she could not count and so decided to pocket some. Zot caught her and took the jinglies bag. Now Miracelli was very sad. She proceeded to pout for the rest of the day. Nobody loves Miracelli. Nobody ever has. That’s why she ran away to the wilderness. People and their always being mean to Miracelli. Anyways, everyone expected to have a big celebratory party dinner bonfire, but things were not so simple. The kobold chief dude is pretty nice, but some jerkface shaman has taken control of the kobolds. Raveena and Zot have gone to try their diplomatic nonthreatening skills on the shaman and left Miracelli and Melvin with the chief dude.

Oh no! They’ve split the party! What will happen next? Will they lose all treasure? Is the DM going to kill them? Will anybody ever be nice to Miracelli again? Find out in the next exciting installment!

Game 7

Zot and Ravena quickly realize that Miracelli’s warnings against splitting the group were well founded as their meeting with the shaman, Tartuk, goes from bad to worse. He accuses the duo and their erstwhile kobold sidekick, Mikmik, of being cowards. Many thoughts flood our hero’s minds: Why is he purple? Why does he speak common, and so intelligently, in response to Ravena’s Draconic?Is his god, Sharptooth, real? Does he derive power from the statue the group rescued from the mites? But most importantly, will the others be able to come to our rescue as we find ourselves outnumbered by his kobold followers? Ravena is knocked unconscious but fortunately the sound of Zot’s gun is heard by Miracelli back in the great room of the cave. Melvin calls upon the chief to rally the kobolds loyal to him to help drive out the shaman who has kept them in fear for so long. Though the chief fears that they will all be turned yellow by Sharptooth he agrees to help.

As they approach Melvin sees Ravena on the ground and passes off a healing potion to Mikmik to save her. Zot, meanwhile, has taken the position of a threatened hedgehog in a corner, surrounded by Tartuk’s kobolds and terrified by a flaming spectral dragon that only he can see. Tartuk becomes invisible but the group is able to pursue him out a secret passageway in the back of the cave. As this is happening valiant Mikmik is mortally wounded.

Once outside Zot proves his skill by taking down Tartuk and his bird with a few expertly placed shots. They decide to take Tartuk back with them but once they return to the cave and see Mikmik dead a desire for vengeance overtakes them and they allow the chief to finish Tartuk off.

Melvin refuses to accept how very, very dead Mikmik is, which is sweet in its way. They feast in Mikmik’s honor and in celebration that the kobolds are free. They are treated as honored guests, something the Sootscale kobolds have never done for an outsider.

The following morning the group takes stock of its copious treasure and several mysterious items found in the course of the prior day’s epic battles. One interesting item stands out- a well-worn journal they found on Tartuk’s body. It details Tartuk’s life as a rather unpleasant little gnome, his death, his resurrection as a kobold, and the ensuing torment he caused several tribes of kobolds with his magics. The god Sharptooth was merely a construction of his to keep his victims in unquestioning fear.

Game 8, Or Death To All Centipedes!

The next three days were strange. Meat was roasted on Mikmik’s funeral pyre, which the Sootscale kobolds consumed as a penitential act but our heroes relished after their feast of raw meat. Ravena found herself very comfortable in the cave, its’ loamy depths fueling her magic as she learned new spells and communed with Skitter. She stayed behind to better commune with her spider while the others ventured forth to explore the surrounding areas.

Finally the day came. They had waited long enough- the giant centipede they had fled from four days prior had to be dealt with. They ventured back to the mite’s tree, where they find the mites working diligently… suspiciously diligently. Gone are the mites playing mouth-jacks with caltrops, replaced by workers crafting weapons.

The adventurers descend into the room where they had last seen the giant centipede. Melvin challenges the centipede, which sounds to the centipede like, “yum, yum, I am delicious.” Despite being delicious the group soundly defeats this embarrassment of nature in a fight where Ravena is strangely useful thanks to the wand of magic missiles they had lifted off of Tartuk. After the fight Melvin decides that the centipede scales would make excellent armor and Ravena saws off the centipede’s whip-like tails to give as an offering to chief Sootscale as a sign of the monster’s death and of their continuing goodwill. They are attacked by mites while dismembering their favorite pet, but our heroes shame all of mitedom by dispatching their attackers so easily.

The day ends with them going back to the Kobolds who sign a peace treaty, though “sign” is kind of a strong term when dealing with a species that is sub-literate. The treaty is literally drawn up with pictures of acceptable and unacceptable behavior and signed with a handprint in blood.

This treaty is met with surprise and delight back at Oleg and Svetlana’s inn, but before the group makes its way back there they explore and then camp for the night. That night the fire goes out multiple times, despite Melvin’s attempts to keep it lit. Poo fairies are suspected, but as is the case with poo fairies none are to be seen. The following morning, as they trudge forward with Svetlana’s cooking and Oleg’s ale on their minds, our heroes stumble upon a gold mine. Miracelli responds as if she was throwing herself into the arms of a lover who has spent the last five years at sea. Zot suggests that they hide the thing for future exploration/exploitation, which Ravena thinks is stupid. Despite the fact that she’s the smartest member of the group she is proven wrong when the others successfully construct a very convincing cover over the vein.

Finally they reach Oleg’s where they restock their supplies and sleep happily on non-kobold sized beds.

Game 9, or No Rest for the Awesome

After several days of hard adventuring, Ravena fell ill. Skitter suggested she take a swig from the small flask of strange green liquor she had been carrying around. Ravena realized that the Stag Lord must have a Skitter-like level of alcohol tolerance, as she promptly found herself wasted beyond belief.

The next morning she realized she had forgotten much of the events of the prior days. It was all a blur. What had happened? In bits and pieces it came to her: There had been an elf- a dirty, slightly doughy female elf- somehow attractive in a way that made Ravena feel a bit funny. Ravena even found herself purchasing a fatty squirrel that she had no intention of eating just to further the conversation between the two of them.

After that… they had treked… and camped? Yes, during her watch she remembered seeing something red… or blue? Or blue and red? It didn’t matter, the light was suddenly blinding and white and left her dazed. She patted her hair and found the her new wand missing. Her swearing roused her companions, who found items missing from their packs as well. After that all Ravena was sure of was that Zot did some awesome flipping, flying moves in the trees, which impressed the thieves enough to show themselves. Finally the group had found themselves face to face with the Poo Fairies. One was a grig named Tyq-Titter-Tut and the other was a fairy dragon named Pervilash. They returned the stolen items, saying they had “found” them for us. Zot played along with their game, which Ravena vaguely remembered went against Miricelli’s sensibilities.

Sufficiently buttered up the fairies told the adventurers many useful things. What had they been…?
A hunter had been killed. For being a dick in his random use of bear traps.
And hot springs.
And a wurm by a river to the southeast.
Something about a bear in a temple. Oh, right, that’s important!

The temple was to Erastil and Mel Vin was bugged by Ravena for being more worked up about Miricelli wanting to take a dip in the sacred pool than he was. Ravena’s just always paranoid about the forces of gods and that which can’t be seen because her experience tells her that their powers are very real. Mel Vin felt this first-hand when they fought a giant bear in the temple and the god granted him power. Somewhere in there the bear hugged Miricelli, but in a bad way. When the bear died he turned into a human and then shriveled up and blew away. He had been turned into a bear for angering Erastil.

After that they were all filthy, so they went to the hot springs. There was much naked splashing but Mel Vin didn’t participate. It turned out he was right to be on guard because a frog ate Zot. Fortunately they fixed that problem.

After that… Ravena couldn’t remember any more. Perhaps nothing else had happened. All she knew was that she had a headache.

Game 10

After hot springs, explored northern plains. Found a barbarian burial spot. Choose to let the dead rest. Back into forest, found a statue of Erastil. Found old ruins, a boggard lived there with his pet slurk. His name was Garuum and he was pretty nice since everyone was peaceful. Found Tuskgutter, killed him, brought his carcass back to Oleg’s. Oleg rewarded you with masterwork bow and +1 arrows.


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